Expert DevOps GCP ( H/F)

LENA IT , l’ESN inclusive et solidaire recherche pour l’un de ses clients acteurs majeurs dans le milieu de la finance le profil suivants un(e) Expert DevOps GCP ( H/F)

Vos missions seront :

As a DevOps, you will be responsible for building platforms, frameworks and infrastructure services to create consistent, verifiable, and automatic delivery pipeline that assists in delivering value to our customer. You will also be the advocate for empowering Development teams with E2E ownership of their applications across all environments, up to Production. You will be responsible for providing and maintaining a robust, scalable and operable infrastructure platform and associated infrastructure tools.


Lead the architecture and automation of cloud native technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure
Build the architecture of microservices and distributed applications, such as containers, Kubernetes, and/or serverless technology.
Build the Platform « as a service » for Developers to use and consume with the adequate abstraction required
Have a key role in provisioning Infrastructure IAC (Infrastructure as code) automation.
Act as a custodian of the hosted environments and management of CI/CD Pipeline.
Package and deploy software to dev/test environments in both Linux and Windows by using Docker, Kubernetes
Achieve container builds/deployments using Multi-Stage Docker files, Docker Compose and Kubernetes
Run automated deployments and promotion of codes/environments.
Advocate DevOps approach and work toward developers autonomy
Experience / Skills


GCP Cloud & GCP services (Load Balancer, DNS, VPN)
K8S / Helm / Docker
GitLabCI / Terraform / Jenkins / ArgoCD
Grafana/Prometheus / ELK / Prometheus/Loki
Postgresql, Redis
Gloo Edge, Traefik


Confirmed experience in analysing current state of DevOps practices and in leading, developing & deploying DevOps practices strategy to big/ medium portfolio
Experience in setting up a full CI/CD process using Gitlab
Good Experience with Linux/Unix Systems and cloud. Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes (operators, stateful set, helm, Argo CD, flux…)
Strong experience with Docker Management Platform, Leveraged Custom Docker Images as Containerized Apps within the Docker Engine as Multi Stack Application

Technical skills pour devops 

Proven understanding & hands-on experience of Terraform and Ansible as IaaC
Strong understanding of integrating security and performance tools to CI/CD (Release) pipelines
Experience with any higher language like Python, YAML, Json.
Working experience on Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environment
Other important skills

Strong written and oral communication skills in English.
Keen to work in an Agile/SAFE environment.
Proactive, autonomous, quality-oriented mindset
Strong team spirit, supportive of others’ contributions.
Strong culture of ownership of the platform products you build, from design to development to production support & monitoring
Strong culture of Developement teams enablement & empowerement, with a mindset oriented toward self-service solutions design & build
Ability to balance technical debt vs long term solutions, and to design for the problems that you have now, while keeping the system flexible for the problems that will come tomorrow

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